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Acro/Contemporary Dance Classes with C R Dance Academy

Acro classes/grades can be taken from age 4 years and contemporary classes/grades from age 8yrs.  

Contemporary dance is a dance form that shows emotion and feeling and this gradually builds as the child gets older.

Classes include

a) A warm-up/cool down with stretching exercises for splits, box splits and general flexibility for dance

b) Basic Acrobatics that include cart-wheels, crab, walk-overs, forward and backward rolls, spins and balancing.

The children will work towards the Grades, but will also learn dance routines that incorporate the flexibility and acro learnt. These dances will take the form of either solo, duet, trio or group numbers to perform as Medal exams, displays and show work.

We offer the following Classes:

Children's classes - Mini Acro from age 4 yrs

Children's classes - Junior Contemporary/ Acro from age 8yrs

Teen's classes - Teens Contemporary

Adult's classes - Adult Contemporary

Please see the C R Dance Academy Timetable page for more information on class times.

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