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Licensed Melody Bear Teacher since 2007

C R Dance Academy have been running  ‘Melody Bear’ Classes since March 2007, we were the first to bring Melody Bear  classes to Wales.

* Dance & Movement with Melody Bear Class

* Melody  Bear First Ballet Class

* Melody Bear TipTap Toe

® Jill Ewing

Dance & Movement with Melody Bear

‘Dance & Movement with Melody Bear’ is an early learning syllabus aimed at Nursery and foundation age children from age 2 ½  years. The classes introduce children to dance and movement using the natural actions of the body such as walking, running, jumping, skipping, hopping and galloping. It is designed to help children’s physical development, co-ordination, concentration, and creativity and self-expression in a dance format.

The syllabus takes a non-exam format but uses ‘Award Stickers’ to encourage and reward the children at the end of a class. The children enjoy collecting their stickers on a ‘Pupil Sticker Card’ and they can work towards receiving Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals at an ‘Award Ceremony’ at the end of the class.

First Ballet with Melody Bear

First Ballet with Melody Bear’ the follow-on syllabus from ‘Melody Bear Movement’ aimed at children aged 4 years and up. Again, like the ‘Melody Bear Movement’, these are non-exam based classes. The children still receive stickers at the end of the class to put on the First Ballet

Sticker Cards.

On completion of their ‘First Ballet’ the children are entered for a class-based ‘Assessment’ where parents are invited to watch the children in class and then see them receive their Trophy of Melody Bear .



Tip Tap Toe with Melody Bear

‘Tip Tap Toe’ is the extension of the Ballet Syllabus and introduces the art of Tap dancing for the under 5 age group. The children will love exploring the first principals of music and dance in a ‘journey into tap’, featuring rhythms such as Rock ‘n’ Roll, Disco, Show-Tunes and Cheerleading.

The syllabus takes a non-exam format but uses ‘Award Stickers’ to encourage and reward the children at the end of a class. These classes would possibly appeal more to boys rather than the Ballet based classes. Although boys and girls are welcome in all of the classes.

White Short Sleeved Cotton Leotard, White Ballet Skirt, White Tights, White Cardigan & Pink Satin Ballet Shoes or Black Tap Shoes.